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máquina da bobina do casulo do eixo com preço baixo, velocidade máxima

Informação básica

Modelo: TXJ2000-I

Descrição do produto

preço baixo dois eixo casulo bobina máquina dobadoura, bobina máquina de enrolamento para quilter ou bordado Descrição do Produto
General instruction

-Bobbin Winder is a kind of service machine for Quilter or Embroidery machine.

-Advanced mechanical structure,High degree of automation,

-Long service life made the customer give us rave reviews.

-Our high-quality product and excellent service will give you brilliant future.

Function and characteristics
-Making bobbins (6#~10#) automatically
-Adjustable length, thickness and shape of bobbins
-One machine with two spindles that can wind two thread clews at the same time
Technical specifications
 -Rotating Speed 1400 r/min

-Working Speed 4kg/12h

-Power Consumption 250W

-Power Supply 380V

Visão geral do produto

Strong stability,which can avoid the damage while the voltage unstable.

High speed winding area is away from contamination,also can enhance the productivity.
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Adopt electronic counter,can ch Adopt electronic counter,can changing yarn easily

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Informações da Empresa
our company

1. We are a professional machine factory for over 20 years;

2.Our company dealing with many kinds of quilting machine,bobbin winder machine,mattress tape edge machine, cutting machine,Quilting Embroidery Machine etc.

3.Our engineers are continuous studying advanced technology from developed country, in order to make our machines better suit the customers' needs.

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Perguntas frequentes

Q:What kind of work does your company do?

A:Our company is a professional manufacturer.

We mainly dealing with many kinds of quilting machine,bobbin winder machine,mattress tape edge machine, cutting machine,quilting embroidery machine etc.

accordance with customers' requirement.

Q:What are the advantages of your company?

A: We have many professional technical personnel.

And we have more competitive prices,high quality and better service than trading companies.

Q:How do you control the quality?

A:Our company is CE  certificated.

We have many inspectors and every product will have been tested for 4-5 processes.We welcome customers visit to our factory.

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